Preserving your immunity
  Learn how Organic Vaccines is changing the paradigm of vaccines for all - the young, adults and elderly.


The first organic vaccine ever, changing the rules of the game.


Your own cells working without additives or adjuvant.


A consortium of leading immunologists and institutes, led by Nobel prize Laureate Bruce Beutler.


Organic Vaccines™ is a life sciences company at the clinical stage of development, dedicated to delivering personalized therapies utilizing one’s own cells (one blood sample equals 10 years of vaccines) Organic Vaccines is positioned for First-in-Man in 12 to 18 months, followed by Phase III multi-centric clinical trials.

Assisted by a world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board, including a Nobel Prize laureate co-founder of Organic Vaccines, and managed by a seasoned team, Organic Vaccines offers a new vaccine technology. Organic Vaccine’s technology addresses uncovered therapeutic aspects for HPV and influenza, and provides an answer to the demand for « green » vaccines, with no side effects.

In 2014, Organic Vaccines LLC, a 98% held subsidiary of Organic Vaccines Plc, has entered into a commercial evaluation license agreement with the US National Institutes of Health and a three-year collaborative agreement with the US National Cancer Institute, with a principal goal of developing human monoclonal antibody-based techniques targeting the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronovirus (MERS-CoV). In 2015, Antibodies Solution LLC, a fully owned US subsidiary of Organic Vaccines PLC, has signed a licensing agreement with the National Institutes of Health for fully human monoclonal antibodies against the MERS-CoV.

Prof Bruce Beutler talks about the advantages of WBC banking


Therapeutic only one of its kind — and of course preventive

Precise exact match with the seasonal flu strain through rapid production – 14-21 days – accuracy of the papilloma virus antigen, even for adults

Organic no chemical adjuvant or preservatives, the organic and molecular adjuvant is destroyed before reinjection

Anti-Aging and Personalized Using your own younger, healthier immune cells, stimulates the aging immune system

Management team and scientific team


Patrick Rambaud – Founding President and CEO

A successful entrepreneur, Sankhia founder Patrick Rambaud initiated research and development of Sankhia‘s initial innovative white blood cell banking service and secured the company’s first U.S. patent. The former McKinsey & Co. consultant was a senior vice-president at IMS International and President of IMS France, a division of IMS Health. Patrick is the founder of IDRAC, an information technology and life sciences company that is the market leader in regulatory services. IDRAC was sold in a successful exit, and is now owned by Thomson Reuters.

Dominique Charron, MD, PhD – Chief Medical Officer – Co-Founder

Prof.Charron is Professor of Immunology, Head of Transplantation Biology and Translational Research at the Hospital Saint Louis in Paris, a leading hospital associated with the Nobel Prize for discovery of HLA system in 1980, and the first cord blood transplantation in 1988. His research interests include immunogenetics, transplantation biology and medicine. He has received many international honors including the Grand Prix Claude Bernard for Medical Research and the Ceppellini Lecture award, and has served as chairman of the International Histocompatibility Workshop and Conference. Prof. Charron has been published in over 400 scientific papers in basic translational medical science.

Jean Pierre Lablanchy, MD – Medical Director, VP of the scientific advisory board in charge of MERS CoV

Dr.Lablanchy is a reputed Psychiatrist with a vast medical expertise extended to cancerology, nutrition and immunobiology. He is a former resident in a radiation therapy department at Harvard Medical School and in an anti-cancer center in Dijon, France. Dr.Lablanchy is a member of the World Policy Conference

Claude Sarbac, PharmD – Chief Operating Officer

Claude is the former CEO of SOPHYSA, third worldwide leader in neurological implants, and Corporate General Manager Europe for the Japanese Group TOKIBO. Claude has built a broad international experience in the medical industry at high levels of responsibility. Claude is also the founder and Honorary Chairman of APIMMCA, an Association of the French Medical Device Industry Pharmacists.

Anton Tikhonov, PhD — Scientific Director

Anton holds a Master‘s degree in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Philosophy. He has been part of a research team in microbiology within the Waksman institute in the United States for more than a year. He is the co-founder and CEO of Deleon, a biotech specializing in peptid based cancer therapies. He has been a scientific advisor for the antibiotics division of R-Pharm (Russia) and also worked as a project manager at Maxwell Biotech Group (Moscow) and as CEO of Oncomax LLC, a subsidiary specializing in anticancer monoclonal antibodies.

Jeff Altman – CFO

Experienced CFO, Former CFO of IMS Health and former financial advisor of Adidas. Jeff is a subscription revenue model expert. He will be instrumental for later stock exchange listings.

Lindsay Patel – Vice President of Operations

Former director of Laboratory Operations for BioBancUSA, the first white blood cell bank and licensee of Sankhia. Lindsay will be instrumental in oversight of regulatory compliance and filing of IND to support exit value.

Dina Eastwood Ruiz – Co-Chairman OV Foundation

Scientific advisory board - A scientific team at the cutting edge of technology

Bruce Beutler, MD — Chairman of the Board

Nobel Prize recipient in 2011, together with Jules Hoffmann, for their discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Regental Professor and Director of the Center for Genetics of Host Defense

Dominique Charron, MD, PhD – Co-Chairman

Hopital Saint-Louis, Paris
Professor of Medicine, Immunology at the University of Paris

Michel Sadelain, MD, PhD

Inventor of the AAPC, Sloan Kettering Medical Institute
Head of the Gene Transfer and Expression Laboratory

Astrid Vabret, MD, PhD

University Hospital of Caen, France
Head of the department of Medical Virology

Marc Weksler, MD

Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York

Business Advisory Board

Baron Jean Stéphenne

Chairman of the Business Advisory Board, Former CEO of GSK Biologicals that he has led and developed over more than 20 years to make it one of the world leading vaccine producer.

Emmanuel Vidal

Senior Advisor, Managing Partner of Innovalion, a consulting firm for healthcare clients. Alumnus of HST (Harvard- MIT program of Health Sciences and Technology)

White Blood Cell banking

1,000 patients have already stored their white blood cells

Flu Vaccine

First-in-man: Q3 2018

HPV Vaccine

First-in-man: Q4 2018


Compassionate basis - Saudi Arabia




Exit within 24 months after the first-in-man, or 36 to 48 months after Phase III clinical trials. Organic Vaccines will benefit from the current « hunt » by cash-rich pharmas seeking to strengthen their R&D pipeline in intellectual property and distribute new services.

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